The ParkShore Condominium Association

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general rules

A complete set of the Association�s Rules & Regulations is available in the Management Office.

The Rules are intended to provide a practical framework for everyday living that will help to ensure mutually comfortable surroundings, security, prestige and the value of your investment at The ParkShore.

The ParkShore Rules govern the conduct of all residents and persons on The ParkShore property at the invitation or permission of any resident. All residents are legally obligated to observe all of the provisions of the Condominium Declaration and By-Laws, as well as the Association Rules. Each unit owner and resident is responsible for the conduct of family members, guests and lessees. To any extent that the provisions of applicable law, the Declaration and By-Laws, and the Rules may be in conflict, the provisions of applicable law control first, followed by the provisions of the Declaration and By-Laws, and then by the Rules & Regulations.

As a matter of fairness to all unit owners and residents, the Rules will be enforced by the Board of Directors of The ParkShore Condominium Association in accordance with its powers and duties. The rules, remedies and procedures set forth are not exclusive. The Association, acting through the Board, may in addition to or instead of such rules, remedies and procedures and at its sole discretion, take any action or utilize any procedure provided or allowed at law, in equity or in the Declaration and By-Laws.

While it is Management's responsibility to maintain the comfort, security and effective functioning of our Association through the implementation and enforcement of The ParkShore�s governing documents, all residents share this responsibility. Residents should feel obligated to help promote a positive community environment by supporting the governing documents, reporting circumstances that disrupt a comfortable and secure environment, and offering suggestions when changes are needed.

The Rules and Regulations are tools that help ensure that all owners and residents are treated fairly, that concerns are addressed, and most importantly that all enjoy a pleasant and peaceful environment.